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    Boom Gallery is a vibrant and active contemporary art gallery. We represent a cross section of work – from emerging and established artists, with a strong regional bias.

    We exhibit most media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, design and small objects. We give artists a platform to exhibit and sell their work and provide information about art investment.

Craft Cubed / Exhibition

A satellite event, part of Craft Victoria’s Festival of Craft ( Australia’s largest Craft focused festival) showcasing the work of talented local designers & makers.

Exhibition 8 – 30 August


Caracus by Fee watkins

Knots by Barry Smith

Kirsten Perry

Nin Coutts Slater

Dowel Jones

Handwoven Basket by Refugee Women’s English & Sewing Class

                                                                    Tapestry by Rachel Hine                                                   images by CRICKET








Kasper Raglus / Unknown Effects / 7 – 30 August

Unknown Effects explores the concept of the artist imagining what it would be like to view his work through somebody else’s eyes. Kasper is a 23 year old artist based out of Aireys Inlet.  His recent paintings continue with themes around words, meaning and context. He draws heavily from his other “love” / artistic pursuit – music. Lyrics are often the starting point for his imagery.  Kasper is influenced by the fine art and graphic arts of the 1950′s/1960′s and there is a strong graphic element in his distinctive work.


“Most of my paintings start with a thought or a mood I am in. It could be something simple, say if I feel tired I will sketch out a whole lot of ideas and I think that mood translates into the sketches and from there a painting will eventuate and I like to think that when someone else looks at it they can translate the feeling. I use words a lot too and it makes it easy to be direct with what I’m trying to get across with my artwork. I have a piece I finished recently called “Altogether” and basically it was almost a sarcastic take on what I feel being in your early twenties is like, when nothing feels together at all sometimes. But I like the idea of somebody seeing it for the first time and applying their own life situation to the painting so it’s vague enough to mean lots of different things to different people.”

Exhibition opens Friday 8th August 

Sitting in Your Space                                                                            Love Just for a day

Kasper Raglus

Everything – Nothing Awaits

Frivolous or Just Human

                    Artisan Philosophers tried to run away with her                                          Shadow Beat

They’ll never invade her now

Glen Smith/ Territory/ 7 -30 August

The latest solo exhibition ‘Territory’ by Glen Smith carries on and extends the body of artwork that he began in 2013 within his exhibition ‘Local’. Focusing on the Geelong urban landscape within a contemporary context, Smith’s new body of artwork completed over 2014 further extends and widens his gaze taking in icons of local industry, heritage buildings and icons within the urban landscape that he traverses on his daily commute.

Stylistically the work is reflective of the environment that it captures. It is grungy and street level with a street art aesthetic used to capture the local built environment. Highlights that the viewer will see on show include iconic buildings such as Erskine’s Disposals, Denny Lascelles Woolstore as well as other city motifs that remind the viewer of familiar locations.

The exhibition consists of over 70 works capturing a contemporary snapshots of Geelong’s Landscape presented artistically, and in a manner reflective of a city transitioning toward embracing the 21st century urban model.

Territory opens Friday 8th August 5:30 – 8pm

Villamanta Houses

Urban/ Suburban (Corner of Pako & Rutland)

Poles Apart

Ritz Flats (demolition by neglect)

Eternal Flame

Gordon Ave


Dave Bowers / The Grind / 7 – 30 August

David Bowers was born in Geelong in 1964. He grew up in Melbourne’s outer west, a blend of rural land, working class suburb and industrial wasteland. The paintings in The Grind explore the relationship between industry, agriculture and food – the fragility and ethereal nature of disposable packaging and the power and weight of machinery. Bowers work portrays the beauty of the two themes that many have a love/hate affair with.

The Grind opens Friday 8th Aug 5:30 – 8pm

Storm             acrylic & enamel on canvas                 76 x76cm

Blue Leyland         acrylic & resin on card             76 x 76cm

Brown Kenworth         acrylic & resin on card               80 x100cm

Gentle Giant          enamel, acrylic & resin on card                100 x 160cm

Rig of the Month            enamel, acrylic & resin on card                    100 x 160cm

Maybe Wednesdays      acrylic on canvas            122 x 152cm

16/08/2014 - 10:58 am

Cheyanna - If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kwngbuoaa, dude!”

Shelley McKenzie / Inside Outside / 17 Jul – 2 Aug

Inside / Outside showcases the latest selection of paintings by Geelong artist, Shelley McKenzie. These vibrant paintings explore the notion of art making itself, with physical process and sensory experience integral to her practice and aesthetic outcomes. Each painting is layered with colour, form and line, incorporating the artist’s internal and external worlds.

Exhibition 17 July – 2 August (opening Friday 18 July 5:30 – 8pm)

On the Blower 110 x 110cm

Looking Forward 90 x 100cm

Boat or bicycle 160 x 110cm

Kitchen Tidy 100 x 200cm

Night 90 x 90cm

Paper thin walls 180 x 120cm

Primaries 130 x 110cm

Red 120 x 130cm

Red Sea 160 x 122cm

Royal Telephone 122x 122cm

M o r e   i n f o