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    Boom Gallery is a vibrant and active contemporary art gallery. We represent a cross section of work – from emerging and established artists, with a strong regional bias.

    We exhibit most media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, design and small objects. We give artists a platform to exhibit and sell their work and provide information about art investment.

Amanda Carson / Pleasant Twittering / May 30 – June 14

Pleasant Twittering was inspired by Amanda’s travels in WA and from her own backyard in Jan Juc.  These delicate watercolour paintings, undertaken with a contemporary approach, using blocks of colour and repetition of patterns to detail a beautiful selection of “feathered friends”.  These paintings draw upon Amanda’s background in graphic design, and her enduring love of geometric shapes and a bold colour palette.

‘You get such vibrant colours in nature … birds come in every colour imaginable, which I think is incredible. Nature does an amazing job, but I like to take it even further, to find hues and colours that others don’t see. These paintings represent all the colours that make up a bird – yet in blocks of colour, so everything gets broken down into a shade on its own.’

Pleasant Twittering 29 May  - 14 June / opening Friday 30 May  5:30 – 8 pm

Galah    24 x 30cm

Silvereye  24 x 30cm

Eastern Barn Owl     15 x 15cm

Crimson Rosella     24 x 30cm

Silver Gull         27 x 34cm

Rufous Fantail    27 x 34cm

Yellow throated Miner    27 x 34cm

15/06/2014 - 10:02 pm

Carolyn - Hello if I’m still interested in purchasing something from Amanda Carson does she have a website or way of contacting her? Thanks

25/06/2014 - 11:58 am

ren - Hi Carolyn, might be easiest to email Amanda. We sold most of her work during the exhibition, however she may have some other pieces available
email :
all the best

Tiel Seivl-Keevers / Winter Harvest / May 30 – June 14

Tiel Seivl Keevers is a painter and illustrator from Brisbane. Her work evolves from her natural surroundings.  In this exhibition Tiel focuses on the changes that occur throughout the season of Winter, exploring ideas and imagery around the concepts of dormancy, death and new beginnings.

Exhibition Opening Friday May 30 / 5:30 – 8pm

August’s Pond         46x52cm

Evening Walk 2                 39x31cm

Painted Garden 1                  20x23cm

Frosted Morning 1                  54x42cm

Frosted Morning 3                   52x42cm

Collecting the Mail               80x80cm

Collecting the Mail 2            80x80cm

Sprinkled Ice on Dark Days               40x40cm

Daniel Bushaway / Control

Control is an ongoing series observing the infrastructure used to extract, conserve, and ultimately control water.  Daniel is preoccupied with vast landscapes manipulated to facilitate mass consumption – so we have water at the turn of a tap. The series was shot on a 4×5 large-format camera during summer 2009-/ 12 in the Andalucían Basin in regional Spain and regional Tasmania, Australia. The locations have been chosen for waterways that have been diverted on an awe inspiring scale, to majestic yet unsettling effect. The colour photographs are rendered with striking clarity of detail.

Control   1 – 24 May    /  Exhibition Opening 2 May 5:30 -8pm

Disused Steps       1780mm x 1400mm

Those Dam Boulders       1000mm x 788mm

Reeds      1000mm x 788mm

Spill Way      1000mm x 788mm

Gordon River Dam        1780mm x 1400mm

Jeff Raglus / Original Poster & Graphic Work 1994 – 2014

In this exhibition painter and musician, Jeff Raglus reveals another aspect of his creative output.  Never before exhibited, this collection of original poster and graphic design, including drawings and paintings for many bands and iconic labels of the nineties on.  Many of the works refer to well known Geelong / Surfcoast venues, some no longer operating… recording a piece of local history

Exhibition 1 – 24 May

Opening Friday 2 May 5:30 – 8pm


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