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    Boom Gallery is a vibrant and active contemporary art gallery. We represent a cross section of work – from emerging and established artists, with a strong regional bias.

    We exhibit most media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, design and small objects. We give artists a platform to exhibit and sell their work and provide information about art investment.

The Dream Starts Here / Nick Morris

Nick Morris is an artist, graphic designer, commentator on popular culture and observer of nature.  His work is inspired by Pop Art with themes of celebrity, commercial art and identity  and the use of screen printing and collage.

“My art is the Australia that I grew up in and live in.

It’s all the images that are indelibly stamped in my mind. I feel fortunate to have been born in this country and my art is testament to that and all the other great international influences that we are exposed to. The unique culture of Australian muscle cars and the bogan culture that so often revolves around it. The beautiful form of the female even when it is thrown into that bogan culture, is still the same beautiful form that adornes the highest of levels of society. Our obsession with celebrities, their personal lives and the bizarre headlines designed to capture our attention in the media. Throw in the word nude, sex or confessions and it is sure to create excitement with a story that rarely lives up to the hype of the headline. Advertising seems to follow suit and the more conscious we become of ads of the past, they seem to be so naïve and ridiculous. It’s entertaining to think that our ego’s bought those campaigns hook, line and sinker.

I choose not be cynical but focus on what’s great about our unique culture and it is truly unique. It’s a culture that doesn’t need to take itself too seriously and can willingly take the piss out of itself. At times it can be silly, even ludicrous, but it is ‘ what we have grown up with and been exposed to over the journey so it seems all so normal.”

Nick Morris’ work forms part of “the Dream Starts Here” exhibition on now.

Exhibition opening  Friday 4 April     5:30 – 8pm

Sides of Lamb

Addis Road

Alpine Road

Flogging Commercials


Aisle 2

The Dream Starts Here / Dave Bowers

“Aesthetically I find inspiration comes from anywhere any time. Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on conversations because I’m staring at the pattern of the nails in the decking or some such thing.  I find myself mesmerized by what I call incidental urban micro landscapes, like the patterns of road repairs, or chewing gum on the footpath; symbols, numbers and letters on power poles; the accidental tracks and patterns we leave as a species.  The dumb beauty in the things we throw away, like cardboard boxes. I also love the rural-industrial aesthetic. Bulls, trucks, tractors etc. The stamps on wool bales, even the brands on cattle.  I see beauty in the everyday grind we’re all a part of.”

Dave Bower’s work forms part of “The Dream Starts Here” exhibition now on.

EXHIBITION OPENING   Fri 4 April 5:30 – 8pm

Red Tractor

Black Truck

Blue Leyland

Seymour Caesar II

Road Repair Cullen Bay Marina, Darwin

Yellow Stripe Knuckey St, Darwin

Brown Patch Repair, Knuckey St, Darwin



Doug Bartlett / The Dream Starts Here / 3 – 26 April

Doug Bartlett’s jagged explosive style is the fruit of a collaboration between artists Nick Morris and Dave Bowers. Silkscreen images and wild freehand painting clash and overlap in works exploring the theme of urban sprawl.  

This is Doug Bartlett’s first Victorian show after successful exhibitions of their raucous colourful pop art around the world. Doug Bartlett was a finalist in the Moran Prize and recently featured in the Darwin Festival. This show will also feature solo works by Bowers and Morris.

Nick Morris and Dave Bowers are established artists, having worked together since 1990. They have exhibited their work extensively nationally and internationally with sell out shows in Sydney, Melbourne & France.

Their boldly colourful paintings are layered with a range of techniques – screen printed, hand painted and stenciled imagery.   When collaborating as Doug Bartlett the rules of engagement are that either one can paint over each other’s images at any time.

“You really have to believe in someone and have an incredible relationship to do this. This is a friendship that has endured running the clothing label Umgawa together and steering the friendship through its demise. Not many friendships would survive this let alone be able to collaborate on art together.”  Nick Morris

The Dream Starts Here – exhibition opening Friday 4 April 5:30 – 8pm

Now the Truth

Buy a New Toy


Wall to Wall Perfection

Watch Screen

White Glo

Reverse Camouflage

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks at Batesford is a place of power and solidity.  Ancient outcrops and boulders of granite protrude from a gentle rise in the surrounding flat plains.  This listed geological heritage site became the focus of attention for four artists.
“Four painters and one powerful place” is an exhibition by Rohan Robinson, Natalie Anderson, David Brenchley and Ren Inei.  Each artist in their own distinctive style responds to this amazing site.

Mar 13 — 29 . The exhibition opening is on Friday 14 Mar 5:30 – 8pm.


Dog Rocks / 4 painters

Natalie Anderson

Rohan Robinson

David Brenchley

Ren Inei

M o r e   i n f o