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    Boom Gallery is a vibrant and active contemporary art gallery. We represent a cross section of work – from emerging and established artists, with a strong regional bias.

    We exhibit most media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, design and small objects. We give artists a platform to exhibit and sell their work and provide information about art investment.

Big Boom

Last Friday saw the launch of Big Boom. Celebrating both the second birthday of the gallery and the opening of the extended gallery space. A large group of artists exhibited their work, creating a varied and dynamic show.

There was a wonderful response from the friends and supporters of Boom Gallery with an enthusiastic crowd enjoying the night – the art, music, food and wine.

If you’ve not yet viewed this show be sure to come in, there are many wonderful pieces and the new gallery space is quite beautiful.

Ren and Kate would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists they have worked with and all the people they have met as they have visited Boom over the last two years.

Local – new artwork by Glen Smith

Local is a new exhibition by artist Glen Smith.

Grungy street art inspired urban environments and skylines captured in their full illuminated glory. Artworks that are specific in their Geelong locations, yet captured in a “glimpsing” manner allowing for both familiarity for the locals with their intimacy of the physical locations, while also creating broader associations of inner city environments for a wider audience base through the use of common urban symbolism, architecture and constructs.

Through portraits of places, street scenes, fleeting snapshots and panoramas ‘Local’ captures the very nature of the inner city of Geelong and the general atmosphere of ones surroundings when living in a contemporary cityscape.   Physically the work borrows its aesthetics heavily from the streets that it aims to capture, with urban/street art traits and techniques inspiring and informing the paintings through stencilling, spray painting and various contemporary print techniques.

Metaphorically, the artworks are Psychogeographic, mapping the artist’s personal environment and his day-to-day travels instilled with memories, associations and experiences.

On a philosophical level, the works geo-tag Smith’s daily life while depicting the beauty of his urban travels and views about the beauty inherent in the entropy of his environment. All captured at street level.  Local can refer to familiar places or a state of mind. It can be a positive or a negative. It may mean home to some while others see it as an anaesthetic. However you view local, be it favourably or otherwise we are all locals somewhere.

Local continues through to 17 August.

Introducing “The Brainery Store”



THE BRAINERY STORE is introducing people who inspire us in word and deed. It is a simple idea about sharing the things people know, harbouring a hyper-local focus within the surroundings of its location. Pop-up or one term outposts will take form around the country. The lectures will hold a heavy amount of integrity and substance – making them accessible and at an affordable sum of dollars.

Launching on July 31st at Boom Gallery in Newtown, Geelong – Rohan Anderson creator of book and blog, Whole Larder Love will present the first lecture of the Winter + Spring Term, with the following lectures including Melbourne design collective, Sibling, director of the Ethical Consumer Group, Nick Ray, Instagram sensation Stephanie Somebody and Melbourne City Rooftop Honey.

THE BRAINERY STORE is not about being a making, fixing, cutting or culinary club – we want people to sit, listen, write a few words, think and be inspired. The Winter + Spring Term will be located at Boom Gallery, Newtown, Geelong. After that – we’ll be off to somewhere else. Enrolment for lectures are made online at

And so the exploring begins.

Recent work -Jiri Tibor Novak, Zoe Snyder, Jean Bohuslav

Boom Gallery is thrilled to present recent work by this trio of well respected Geelong artist’s.  
The notion of journeying is a theme that each of these artists explore.
Jiri Tibor Novak’s softly hued paintings of place and memory. His delicate etchings depicting a man and his world full of symbols and poetry.
Zoe Snyder’s sculptures assembled and collected. Representations of personal journey’s, collected memories and memorabilia.
Jean Bohuslav’s encaustic paintings, masterfully executed layering of oil paint and melted wax. Searches for love and truth, animals and landscape – whimsical tales of self discovery.

This exhibition opens Saturday 29 June 1-3pm.

Jiri Tibor Novak

Zoe Snyder

Jean Bohuslav

ZONE    / New Paintings by Kasper Raglus


Zones and Inner Visions explored.


“Do you read me? Outside this diamond core, raw and fractured meanings. 

Tell them I’m waiting for another, tell them to look within.

It’s pain and simple. 

It’s now.”


Observing frames of mind was the main influence for my newest pieces. 

Whether pleasing or painful, direct or lost, always a honest feeling that I would focus on capturing. Like a song sung by The Everly Brothers about seeing a lover with another or the first glass of red by the fire, all the corny stuff you can’t run from sometimes.


Being surrounded by advertising in this new digital age I think back to people who had jobs painting signs by hand. Seeing the human touch to me is pleasing. Like somebody worked hard to get their lettering as neat as they could. Basically I’m inspired by people who work hard at what they do. 


I see these new pieces as a step forward into a zone I’m super excited to be in right now.

City or coast, day or night. Inside and out, it’s all there for you baby.


Kasper Tiger Snake Raglus


SHOW OPENS Friday 31 May 6-8pm, continues to 22 June

18/07/2013 - 6:24 pm

Trudy White - Dear Kasper I love your work for this show and your words So inspiring and unique Hope you are going well Wish I could have one of each picture in my head x Trudy

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