Incense Holder - Arch (grey)

By Alexandra Sinclair

Arch - A great everyday incense holder, with a unique design. Fired without a glaze to illuminate the natural qualities in the clay. Perfect for incense sticks.

Material, high-fire stoneware

Size, approx. 6 cm (height) x 10 cm (width) - each piece is unique

Alexandra Sinclair of Pot Dispensary is a studio potter whose work explores ideas of process, functionality-lead design, material research, and Scandinavian design. Receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2018, she creates a unique range of forms that lend themselves to still-life compositions. 

Hand-thrown in Melbourne

The image shows only the style and colour of the piece. The exact piece being shipped to you may vary slightly in size, and pattern which highlights the handmade nature of wheel-thrown ceramics.