• Tile Vessel (White)
  • Tile Vessel (White)

Tile Vessel (White)

By Lucy Tolan

This vessel is hand-built with a coiling technique and has been cut apart and reassembled, leaving a visible seam. The vessel has a textured white exterior with white seams. The interior is a white gloss.

The dimensions of this vessel are 20.5x12.5x11.5cm.

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Lucy Tolan (she/her) is a queer artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). Having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2018, she utilises a combination of pinch and slab-building techniques to negotiate concerns of tension and harmony within her pieces. Through juxtaposition of form, colour and texture, Tolan's work catalyses the generative power of of aesthetic contradiction. Her style draws from diverse sources of inspiration - including modernist architecture, textiles and the natural world - to produce romantic encounters between fragility and boldness with each creation.