Empress glass earrings - jet black

By Bёuy

Bёuy (pronounced 'boy') - Empress glass earrings - jet black

Approx: 8cm x 4cm

These statement Empress glass earrings are inspired by neon urban Melbourne Graffiti on concrete walls, and use modern technologies to create contemporary jewellery that is as strong as it is beautiful.

Empress glass earrings in jet black are internally hand painted in our Melbourne studio and posts are made from tarnish-free hypoallergenic surgical steel.

The borosilicate glass used is not only light weight but also extremely durable (eg: glass used in laboratories and kitchenware).

Bëuy (pronounced boy) is the label of award-winning Melbourne-based jewellery designer Taë Schmeisser. Bëuy's objective is to bring to light the misunderstood strength of glass and its applications in contemporary jewellery, and to provide a modern, accessible and affordable platform for it. Born in Australia and educated in glass, ceramics, gold + silver in Australia and Japan, her multicultural Japanese and German heritage has influenced the combination of minimalism and modernity in her works, while her extensive training has given her a unique understanding of each material, resulting in a truly rare aesthetic. All works are designed and crafted in Melbourne, Australia.