By Christina Mclean

aka TRADE the MARK handmade ceramics

Christina Mclean is a multi disciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. Christina explores her relationship to form by calling on an instinctual connection to nature, movement and direction, while drawing on years of experience in visual arts and design.

With a background in ceramics and fashion and textiles, Christina began studying ceramics in 1988 and co-founded Chowk Ceramics for 12 years before applying her love for mark making to textiles. From 2006 onwards Christina has been collaborating with the best in Australian fashion with her textile print designs gracing many catwalks and being an integral part to many fashion collections.

Expanding on her past practice, TRADE the MARK was born in late 2014. Christina has gone back to her roots as a maker; crafting work to last the test of time with a bold, contemporary twist. Christina applies marks and pattern to create works that blur the line between art and functional ware.

‘I’ve always played with the concept of direction in my work, looking at our own pathways in particular. I’m curious as to why we follow some paths throughout our lives and not others. My mark making practice is a slow, meditation on this concept and I use bold, linear marks to try and map out these stories.’

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