Rhombus 6 (Desert)

By Champ Co

6 pack

16cm length, 10cm width.

The Rhombus series was the first product range launched by Champ Co range and continues to delight and surprise people at the table. Made from durable and heat resistant recycled aeroplane tyres and new rubber, these serve as trivets and coaster will protect your favourite surfaces from hot drinks and food, while also looking ridiculously good. Designed to loosen up dinner table formalities and promote engagement, play with the set by creating a variety of tessellated shapes together with your loved ones.

Champ Co's range is proudly Melbourne made with a focus on sustainability. "We know there is already a lot of stuff in this world, so we create with long lasting intent. Our products are made from durable, recycled rubber. We’re resourceful, innovative and our endorphins run high when our waste levels are low. We create objects that encourage you to think with flexibility. For us good design is an opportunity to excite, educate and discover the freedom that comes when we play without rules."