Candy Earrings - pink on black

By Cassandra Prinzi

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Handmade in Melbourne
Copper, powder coat, enamel paint, stainless steel, 925 silver
4m W x 7cm L

Each piece is carefully hand-sawn to create a unique pair of studded earrings sure to jazz up any occasion. Inspired by the natural formations of coral and the energy and liveliness of Melbourne’s graffitied laneways, these wearable art-objectsembody contemporary coastal-cosmo living.

Cassandra is an emerging artist working in Melbourne. Her work is informed by the natural and urban landscapes. She enjoys working in a range of materials to create colourful and vibrant, wearable pieces. Cassandra studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) and in 2017, she graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours).