Alichia van Rhijn

Alichia van Rhijn’s installations catalogue her experience of displacement through material investigation, where memory and experience of place are key elements. ‘Making as thinking’ paired with an experimental approach to process and technology underpins the creation of objects that float between the real and a child-like whimsical world that elicits an urge to interact and play.

Anthropomorphic forms investigate phenomenological notions, alluding to personal and shared experience, memory and trauma. Through the use of distilled minimalist forms, symbolic and ritualistic totems are presented within the space, hoping to initiate pause and contemplation.

Alichia van Rhijn is a South African-born Australian artist and a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney. With a background in architecture and design, she has a passion for creating sculptural and installation-based objects and forms that examine memory, trace, trauma, experience and loss. Solo shows include; A Sense Of Being, Gallerysmith (2019); The Middle Distance, Boom Gallery (2019); My Mother Told Me (Never Wear Pink And Red Together), Stockroom Kyneton (2020); Smoke Signals, Stockroom Kyneton (2021); and Lemon Light, Sabbia Gallery (2022).