Alizon Gray

Alizon Gray is a Melbourne based artist who has held many solo exhibitions and been a finalist in numerous art prizes in Victoria and interstate. Her painting practice is mostly based in abstraction, however there is often a sense of the landscape that comes through in her paintings. Whilst now a city dweller, Alizon grew up in the more rural areas on the Mornington Peninsula where space and the land/sea scapes were ever present. Alizon perceives her paintings as abstract landscapes and muses that perhaps the connection to landscape in her paintings is a way to reconnect to space beyond the concrete city.

Alizon approaches her paintings by building up many layers of diverse marks. Often she starts a painting in acrylic then overlays in oil paint and occasionally aerosol, which creates varying luminosity and finish to the surface of her paintings. Alizon never has a particular outcome in mind when she starts a painting, rather she considers an overall aesthetic based in colour and various approaches to mark making. Once a painting has begun, she adapts and reacts her choice of marks, colours, textures, shapes and overall composition, constructing form and searching for a balance that evolves naturally as each piece develops.