Christopher Jewitt

Christopher Jewitt's paintings express his fixation for quotidian objects in a tempest of colour and marks. 


He draws objects one on top of the other in roguish figurations until his canvases take on a tactile and whimsical appearance. This allows for multiple angles of sense making.


Layering zigzags across swirls, daubing lines beside dots, think and thin, opaque and semi-transparent, patterns are created, found and lost again.


Jewitt’s paintings combine voltaic saturations of colour and are both gawky and voluptuous. Pure shock blue spins with deep spectrum red, twisted by Australian grey green, and mahogany brown scumbles across lilac pastel – a sumptuous meal for the eyes. Portraying subject matter in a playful manner between abstract and figurative, his style is reminiscent of childhood notebook doodles and simple scribbles. But in the creative discord harmony is always possible.

Christopher Jewitt is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Melbourne. He likes exploring what he knows about his practice in places he knows nothing about. While completing his BA Photography course, majoring in Photojournalism, he received a scholarship to China, duringwhich he won Top Documentary Photographer at Nankai University. Since then he has funded and organised independent residencies in Murcia ESP, Miyazaki JPN, Chalais FR, Paphos CYP and Palermo IT. These isolated intensives have constituted his frenetic image construction.