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Julien Pacaud

Julien Pacaud is a French artist and illustrator who lives and works in Paris. As his main body of work is a collection of digital collages that bend time and juxtapose outdated technology with visions of the future, it should come as no surprise that Pacaud is obsessed with the idea of time travel. His vivid and imaginative illustrations have been shown in numerous galleries, and brands around the world have sought out his talent for advertisements, news stories and editorials.


"I've been exploring digital collage for about 15 years now. What was a random encounter with computer image manipulation quickly became my favorite way to concretize my creativity. I’m working with old found photos, that I scan and then import to the computer. This tool allows for a lot more possibilities than just using scissors and glue. I’m searching for more coherent compositions, and although I like to create collisions of various different sources, I wish to make them coexist the best I can, to give a feeling of doubt about the nature of my artworks. A doubt about the medium, the time, the space, and the meaning. Everyone is welcome to interpret these images in their own way."