Liz Wickramasinghe

Liz Wickramasinghe is an early-mid career artist based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 


After completing a Bachelor of Design (Interior/Exhibition) in Melbourne, Liz worked at the National Gallery of Victoria for five years as an exhibition technician. She then completed a Diploma of Visual Arts, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT, majoring in Painting and Printmaking. During her time at art school, Liz developed her unique process of creating multi-layered artworks by combining both painting and printmaking techniques. Her themes of inspiration for her art practice also developed during this time; her interest in natural landscapes and botanical studies were combined with elements from her architectural design studies. Today, her artworks often explore both the interconnectedness and tension between human-made and natural environments.


After completing her art degree, Liz went on to complete a Diploma of Teaching at Melbourne University and taught art and design subjects at a secondary school for 4 years. After having a family, moving to Geelong and building an art studio in her backyard, Liz finally and officially began her art practice in 2019. She has since exhibited in a range of group shows and has had two solo exhibitions, including Marshland Rise in 2020 at Boom Gallery.