Past Exhibition: Amber Stokie, Me, You and In Between 

Exhibition Dates
19 July - 12 August
Amber Stokie returns to her love of drawing to investigate identity development, and the dynamics that operate within close relationships. Using performance photographs from her Master of Fine Arts folio as source material, Stokie reshapes, shifts and establishes connections within her drawings to create individual narratives. Where other mediums she adopts in her practice such as documented performance and video give a contemporary take on her ideas, drawing enables her to see her own hand in her work. In this group of drawings; colour, line and pattern are used in a playful way to help her create a space that resembles a stage or set where her figures interact, play a part, reveal who they are. Figures connect and collide as they share this space, highlighting the complexity of relationship dynamics. Amber Stokie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Federation University Ballarat and a Master of Fine Arts with Distinction from RMIT University, Melbourne. She has been exhibiting regularly in group and solo exhibitions since 2009.
To be recognised as unique; as “one” and not the representation of “three” has involved a lot of energy over and above what a singular individual expels to express who they are. For me, this has been a very active area of my life that has involved conscious and unconscious decisions to construct a singular identity, to feel like a unique individual in the eyes of others.

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