Past Exhibition: Andy Pye in Contemporary Landscape Perspectives: A Group Show

Wednesday 31 March
06:00 PM -
Exhibition Dates
13 March - 30 May

at Wangaratta Art Gallery

This dynamic exhibition of five contemporary landscape Australian painters, Max Berry, Holly Greenwood, Dan Kyle, Bronte Leighton-Dore and Andrew Pye explores individual perspectives of elements of the Australian bush, the terrain,  landscape and key symbolism of trees and flora in their immediate environment.

All five artists are emerging as contemporary painters in the Australian art scene. Berry, Greenwood, Kyle and Leighton-Dore are New South Wales based (Sydney and Blue Mountains), the four have partnered with local artist Andy Pye, the group have connections both through friendship but also their oeuvre, their painting practice and style. Each artists surrounding environments are re-interpreted in large scale paintings and works on paper.

This collection of artists and their work presents a diversity of expression and contemporary representation of the Australian Bush.

It's still about the Australian Bush. What continues to grab me is the awkward lines, the gnarly black lumps converted to bee hotels, the hollow logs converted to snake hotels, the soft ripples of the well satisfied river gums and the chaos of the bush floor arrangements. Then, of course, there's the tension between trees and the gravity of the rocks (at various temperatures) between them.

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