Past Exhibition: Anita Beaney, Found Light

Exhibition Dates
16 July - 09 August

Found Light is an observation of ambient light in the natural environment. Exposures recorded on medium format film at different times of the day reflect variations in the quality and colour of light. These images taken around the Great Ocean Rd aim to capture the serenity of the location, inviting audiences to also look inward for a similar feeling of stillness.

Anita explains “I am looking to find peace and inspiration by being in the natural environment, and hope to convey the calm I feel though my subject matter in my images.” Inspiration is found in the work of artists such as Mark Rothko and Ansel Adams, while her treatment of both the infinite and disappearing horizon evoke Hiroshi Sugimoto’s famed seascapes.

Employing only natural light in her shots, Anita photographs with a medium format Mamiya twin lens c330 camera with 120 roll film. The negatives are scanned, and the images then printed on to watercolour paper. Analogue photographic techniques are employed to obtain detail and quality and then realised in a painterly manner through the size of the print and the quality of the paper.

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