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Exhibition: Beth Gibbeson, A Thread of Light

Saturday 15 October
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
13 October - 06 November
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"My paintings are a combination of memories and experiences of present life. I mix my current surroundings, landscape and world with past experiences of journey and place. The interlocking and separation of shape, line, light and colour represent fresh interpretation of memories that travel with me and become a dialogue of my life.


The use of bold, rich and warm colours play a significant part in my expression of this. With the application of laying paint, I blend colours to highlight the edges of the shape. This creates a thread of light that travels through the painting and encourages colour and shape to move. Although the colours and shapes are individually contrasting, together they sit harmoniously." 


Beth Gibbeson completed her Bachelor / Honours Degree in Fine Arts Painting at RMIT. She currently paints in her studio at home in Frankston South where she is able to frequently explore the beautiful landscapes of living next door to the Mornington Peninsula.

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