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Exhibition Dates
07 November - 01 December

Howl and the previous body of work, Dog, are bookends.

While Dog conversed with the viewer openly, in the light of day, Howl is the viewers’ subconscious. The conversation is with the self.

The viewer is overwhelmed by the previous discussions and retreats inwards.

Within the landscape, a tonally monastic set, nature returns, like a reoccurring dream.

Howl is a series of still lives that create an internal world, somewhere between dream and nightmare. An oscillation between the two.

The viewer continues to grapple with a world so full, yet as the internal self dissects the worries of the world, the thoughts are fragmented, less linear, like talking underwater.

Howl is a harrowed mind, heavy with despair, and desperate for resolution.

‘I hope, with Howl, the collection will leave a mark, a residue.

With different levels of force, the works intent is to create something so very still, but with its own internal movement. A stirring if you will.’


Cricket Saleh works in Photography.

In a professional context she is highly sought after for her completely unique approach to image making. She has a seemingly effortless ability to capture the feeling and atmosphere of a concept.

In her arts practice Cricket explores the genre of Still Life, simultaneously referencing art historical understandings of the medium and subverting it. She creates the illusion of a painted surface through considered lighting. Her works are crisp; simple compositions, tangible texture and moody tones.

Cricket's photographs depict an ongoing interest in the ephemeral nature of life. Beauty, indulgence, consumption and decay are underlying themes in her artwork.

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