Saturday 28 May
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
26 May - 19 June
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"Sacred Hills is a continuation from my previous series Sacred Gums

The theme of discovery and exploration of the sacred in our ancient landscape is an ongoing and never-ending fascination. These natural Cathedrals and places of worth-ship provide gateways, not only into the land but also inward towards our identity and psyche. They hold a mirror up to us and quietly confront us. They bring healing and guidance if we allow ourselves to wander their pathways or sit in their company.


My inspiration comes mainly from memory of travels and some by recording through sketch and photograph.


A major theme is the use of bold lines. These may help to focus on what we might otherwise miss. Natures stained – glass if you like, prompting us to take time and gaze at the light and colour of hills and rocks shaped through millennia. We are here but for a moment, but one with the opportunity to see and feel and respond. Sacred Hills is my response amongst the chorus of many others.


Once again, in these paintings, I want to acknowledge the first peoples of this land and pay respect to their elders and emerging leaders. It’s hard to be in this ancient landscape without hearing their voice, sensing their presence and connecting with their dreaming. My hope is that these paintings draw respect for them and an acknowledgement of the creation we are so blessed to be surrounded by."

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