Exhibition: Harry McEvoy, 'Faced'

Saturday 11 November
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
09 November - 03 December
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Since meeting and first exhibiting with Harry McEvoy in 2015, he has continued to resolve and refine his approach to painting, through a consistent and prolific art making practice. His current solo exhibition at Boom again explores portraiture as a uniting theme; each of the figures are quietly evocative as all-knowing pairs of eyes gaze back at the viewer. The gestural mark making, surface treatment and subtle shifts in colour and texture demonstrate an impressive evolution of style.

We have curated Faced to emphasise the scale and dynamism of these paintings. The repetition of faces throughout the space is strangely welcoming, these abstracted, somewhat warped portraits allow for individual interpretation - they have a familiarity yet could be anyone. 

We are so proud of Harry and how far he has come -  He is also currently in first year at art school so we can't wait to see what's next! 



"Faced explores the relationship between painterly materials and human experience.

This body of work seeks to simultaneously display the separation and connection of life and its characters. Predominantly using ink and acrylic paint, the process of making the work is an undertaking of trial and error. Intriguing moments within a painting lend themselves to prompt the next mark, in this way my practice is directed by perceiving and responding. From these ideas and processes, I have developed a series of individual portraits that come together to create a group or crowd."


Harry McEvoy is a prolific young artist who has been exhibiting at Boom since 2015. Growing up on the Surf Coast, He is also well known for his skating.

Harry has continued to explore, push and refine his practice and this year has commenced his Undergraduate Degree in Fine Arts at The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Primarily a painter, Harry's work is energetic, playful and optimistic.

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