Exhibition Dates
15 August - 08 September

Strange Dreams, Under a Full Moon explores the atmosphere, mystery and magic in the places I experienced while traveling through Western and South Australia under 3 full moons. The intensity of my dreams, visions and memories enhanced during the full moon seemed to draw out an even more intimate and intense connection to the environment and space in time. Surrounded by Deep Time was itself like a dream; transported back to sacred, ancient lands; fragile and precious, fleeting. Deep Time seemed to rise to the surface in my dreams and swallow me up; quite surreal and vivid. These dreams and experiences have sat with me through reflection on the feelings during the times had, the camps set up and dream like memories while painting this body of work.  The moon has long been an anchor for our way of life, the way we feel, the measure of time and literally our earth in orbit with the sun. I was thrilled to learn that my show was opening under this August full moon; completely unplanned, yet a very fitting and powerful coincidence.

An excerpt from my diary when based over in WA at a place called Red Bluff or ‘Camp of the Moon’, a stark, beautiful and dramatic place….

‘The power of the August full moon reached through the darkness from the opposite side of earth and pulled me down to the core of our world; grounded me like a magnet, silent and powerful; drawing me into its phase.

From that moment I waited for our axis to turn into its path and bask in the might and energy, the glow of proof that we are part of the natures divine force; the earth; country owns us.’

Once I had the chance to research the Antipodean point to my position and experience I discovered the August full moon hung over the oceans in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle; what a beautiful, strange and haunting world we live in.

What struck me in my moments of awe of this incredible country is sadly the inescapable impact in our short but destructive Anthropocene age.

I continue to explore our earth as a fragile beauty on the verge of a dystopian relic, juxtaposed with the hopeful romantic view of seemingly untouched idyllic lands; highlighting the threat of climate change on our fragile and precious environment in the age of Anthropocene.

'Strange dreams, explores the instinctive, the chance, the dream like fate of life and how this connects us to the earth.'

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