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Past Exhibition: James Price, Today I Tried To Be A Trampoline

Exhibition Dates
09 September - 03 October

"I've really begun to value the communion between me and the way people see what I do. I appreciate that I'm only ever responsible for 50% of the artistic experience anyone has with my work. I'm trying to be a platform for your own experiences to 'bounce' off of, and sometimes your experiences intertwine with my work and bounce right back into your soul and hit you. We can only do that together. That's why the figures in my work have a certain utilitarian visual approach. I want them to be filled with your possibilities. I think of it like designing a book cover about the shared experiences of life. I didn't write the book but I can encapsulate some of our shared meaning, it's essence.


So the title of the show acknowledges this 'bounce', but then I try to take it further and think about the most valuable emotion I can give right now - which is joy. It doesn't matter how old you are, jumping on a trampoline will make you smile. So today I'm trying to do that - give you that raw feeling. It’s actually a ludicrous idea but I think of what I’m doing as laughing in the face of all the shit things in life. So for this show I painted things I think are authentically beautiful - Bodies, Faces, Dogs, Plants. That’s why the show's called Today I Tried To Be A Trampoline. It’s the most direct way to say what I’m about. Like how trees take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen I’m trying to do the same thing with my mind - take in all the bullshit, clean it up, and spit out only good things. It sounds so naive, but it’s the best I’ve got."

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