Exhibition: James Price, ‘When I’m Not Looking At You, I’m Looking For You'

Saturday 23 March
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
21 March - 20 April
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James Price's eighth solo exhibition at Boom, When I'm Not Looking At You, I'm Looking For You is characteristically graphic, using a minimal palette for maximum impact.

This exhibition of paintings, works on paper and wall sculptures continues his exploration of people, relationships and the human condition. Figures are immersed in the natural world, intertwined together or quietly contemplative. An optimistic and sentimental take on the moments of connection that makes life worth living. 

While James' recognisable style is always evident; each time he exhibits we see an evolution of thoughts, ideas and his practice. Boom embraces the opportunity to support James on this journey and are delighted to show this incredible body of work! 


"My work has always been about condensing life down to what really matters. As art has always been a conduit through which I can process and understand my emotions.

I find myself often reflecting on the TV series ‘Six Feet Under’. The last episode of that show is widely regarded as the greatest final episode of any show. In the final scenes we flash forward through the lives of the main characters and see each of them as they die. It isn’t their lives that flash before them, but their loves.

In the end love is all that matters.

I wanted to make work that shows the moment each of us might see. Somewhere between a dream and a memory, where the only thing that matters is who it is, and how it feels."


James Price is an unapologetically skilled storyteller. His artistic practice employs a distinct, vibrant graphic language that condenses the complexities and contradictions of our times. Price’s work is able to articulate intricate ideas loaded with pathos, humour and humanity. His paintings, moving image works and ceramics visually articulate modern life for those of us unsure whether we should laugh, cry, or do both at once. Price sharpened his storytelling skills working across the world as a globally recognised commercial artist, including a decade working from his own highly successful studio in New York. He’s created work for some of the world’s most recognised Storytellers and Organisations, including: Netflix, MTV, The BBC, The Washington Post, TED, Nike, and our own ABC.

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