Exhibition: Karima Baadilla, Sweet Treat - A Still Life Therapy

Saturday 28 May
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
26 May - 19 June
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"The past two years felt like travelling between states of chaos and serenity, the mental worry due to the pandemic and the quiet moments at home. My practice explores the emotional and psychological aspects of a person’s life, and is informed by my own personal quest to find my place in the world as a woman and a migrant settler in Australia. Consequently, it has never felt more important for me to engage in the ritual of painting still life as a means of a refuge, a sweet treat.


The majority of subjects within the paintings are from found objects picked up through daily life which become tactile memory markers of experiences which are then combined into the artworks."



artwork images credit: Janelle Low

studio portrait credit: On Jackson Street

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