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Exhibition: Kirsten Perry, 'Yes Vortex'

Saturday 16 September
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
14 September - 08 October
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Kirsten Perry’s solo exhibition Yes Vortex looks at the naturally occurring phenomena of vortexes, focusing on the kinetic qualities to create a body of work that feels like it has been spun, twisted or formed from significant movement.


Kirsten’s enquiry into vortexes is one of curiosity, wonder and fasciation – rather than fear. The works in the exhibition demonstrate an evolution of style and form for the artist, some pieces taking on a much larger format as she experiments with new materials.


"This exhibition is composed of vessels and wall pieces inspired by circular and spiral forms found in nature and science. Using a variety of materials such as ceramic, foam, bio-resin and wood, the pieces are of larger scale and some are made of modular units. A vortex is something that resembles a whirling circular motion with a central cavity. It can happen on land, air, and water. 

Vortexes first appear to us as children watching the bath water drain. We imagine the force sucking us down the drain hole. We are also fascinated by them as entities in deep space such as black holes.

Earth has energy vortexes where energy is either entering the earth or projecting out of the earth’s plane. Some people consider these locations as sacred sites such as the Pyramids, Uluru, and Stonehenge.

I’m fascinated by the concept of vortex from a scientific, spiritual, and aesthetic point of view. They are beautiful, fascinating, and somehow hypnotic." 

This is a Craft Contemporary satellite event.


Kirsten Perry is a Naarm / Melbourne based ceramic artist. She predominately slip casts mid-fired functional and non-functional vessels that pay homage to traditional ceramics. The bio-morphic objects she creates are initially carved from disposable materials such as foam and cardboard, then translated into ceramic. Something is gained in this translation, somehow more than the evidence of the process. Kirsten’s process highlights texture and often exaggerates imperfection. She is attracted to flaws and vulnerabilities. 

Kirsten has Bachelors Degrees in Fine Art and Industrial Design from RMIT University and an Advanced Diploma of Electronic Design & Interactive Media, also from RMIT. Kirsten has exhibited in a range of Australian and International galleries and has won the 2021 Klytie Pate Ceramic Award and the 2021 Stanthorpe 3D Cast Art Prize, and has been a finalist in various sculpture and ceramic awards.

Her work was acquired by the Gold Coast City Gallery in 2016. She has completed ceramic residencies in Germany 2017, Peru 2018, China 2023 and took part in a secondment at Kailea Arts Indigenous Art Centre at Shepparton, Victoria in 2022.

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