Past Exhibition: Meredith Earls, A Balance of Opposites

Exhibition Dates
13 September - 07 October
Inspired by traditional ceremonial floral arrangements such as the spectacularly decorated alters of Mexican Día de Muertos and the intricate Japanese art of Ikebana, A Balance of Opposites examines the moment of display. Frictions between luxury and simplicity, permanence and ephemerality, humanity and the natural world become rich, dark paper collages that explore harmony through contrast. Originally from Ocean Grove, Meredith Earls now lives and works in Melbourne. A Graphic Designer by day, Meredith has a unique eye for bold colour, composition and fine detail, able to explore her creativity more freely in her personal arts practice. A Balance of Opposites is Meredith's third solo exhibition at Boom and we are excited to bring this amazing new body of work to Geelong.
My work explores ideas of spaces, real, imagined, physical and intangible. I'm interested in making the things that can’t be seen visible. I am drawn to collage as a way of taking things apart, re-arranging them and making something new. I love the qualities of old printed materials and the histories that they bring to the work.

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