Past Exhibition: Michael McCafferty, GO!

Exhibition Dates
09 September - 03 October

GO! is a celebration and a release of action after tension. Working from source material derived from my home environment I consider broadly how my occupation of spaces can be mapped or recorded to find unique starting points. As we change from day to day the way we view our environment also changes and so the documentation of the home is never finished. During this ongoing period of rolling lockdowns the home environment for me has changed again, this time from a point of escape to one to escape from. Go! is a reaction to the static home environment and a turn towards moments in motion, of positive change, of momentum, action, and taking risks. 

My process of creation follows a meditative and iterative cycle of simplification and abstraction by focusing completely on a single formal component like line, shape, colour, or texture. Sometimes, even after many iterations the ‘completed’ image bears an unmistakable trace of the original and other times the evolution of abstractions transform the source material into something surprisingly different. Like a coiled mainspring, Go! is contained, controlled, and under tension but inside its layers of working and reworking and response upon response is the encoded hope of uncoiling, of action, and energetic dissipation."


Michael McCafferty's work is a form of extended diary keeping. "I document my life in a variety of ways and then rework the narrative. My artwork usually depicts abstracted private, interior and architectural spaces, as well as the family, friends and events that were once within them. Working from a foundation in drawing I use a range of techniques to translate any original source material into new and evolving versions. The process of adaptation is one of intuitive response but bound by a set of self-imposed rules. The editing process can repeat indefinitely until the picture feels right. The results usually combine elements of drawing, painting, print, and sculpture but are unified by the same set of formal rules based around colour, materials and scale." 

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