Exhibition: Rachael Gartland, 'Heirlooms'

Saturday 27 April
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
26 April - 18 May
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Heirlooms continues Rachael Gartland's exploration of realism in painting. Rachael's experiences of travelling the world, coupled with her interest in history and culture allow for an in depth look at not only the object she is representing but its societal impact and meaning. 


Driven by a desire for obscene wealth, the exploits of the East India Company exposed Europe to a new type of opulence during the 18th Century. Ships laden with porcelain and silk, decorated with richly patterned scenes of life in exotic countries - embellished with wild, unseen flora and fauna.

These objects also carried ancient production techniques, skills and labour, like heirlooms handed down from one generation to the next. Inevitably these influences altered the cultural and economic landscapes of its host country. 

From the hand curled golden wire of the cloisonné pot, to the glint of a time wearied gilt peony, the silk foundation holds these objects in reverence. 

"Claiming our universal cultural inheritance - Meticulously created on traditional Chinese painting silk, this exhibition is an homage to the humble and highly skilled artisans and cultural change makers, weaving a tapestry of design through the movement of people."

Special thanks to The Moorabool Antique Gallery for allowing me access to these beautiful objects. 


Rachael Gartland was born in Geelong to an intrepid family with a wanderlust for the world. On the road with her family at seven years of age, she lived and travelled across the United Kingdom, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Portugal and Greece before settling in Santa Margarita, Italy. Cultural tapestries which would inspire curiosity, adventure and a burgeoning creativity.

Rachael completed a Fine Arts degree in Drawing, Art History Theory and Print making in 1997, before heading back to Europe. Art tenures at two London galleries were followed by an invitation to join Fromental, a new company creating handmade silk wallpapers. Working with a team of artists in London and China, Rachael gained experience with the precious materials and techniques of traditional Chinese painting which inspire Fromental’s bird and flower wallpaper designs.

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