Exhibition: Rachel Hine, Bright Things

Monday 25 July
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
23 June - 17 July
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With a fresh approach to this work, Bright Things is an optimistic response to current times.


Rachel’s watercolours have been carefully painted in a meditative way. Using an array of hand mulled watercolours and Japanese gouache, unexpected layering of subtle colours and effects helped to create intuitive compositions. Familiar figures and portraits are combined within a landscape of imaginary foliage. Combinations of animals and folkloric patterning add to the personal internal language of the work.


The woven tapestries of faces are both whimsical and introspective. The circular shape can be interpreted to symbolise a sun, moon, flower or a mask. All of these things are part of the circular portraits.


The colour wheel tapestries work as an abstraction of both the watercolours and the portrait tapestries together. As a way to record the way colours interact with each other and materiality of the yarns. A celebration of colour and texture.


“…making this work, I feel like I'm making my own landscapes, where I'd like to wander about in.”

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