Past Exhibition: Sarah Rowe, Snug as a Bug

Saturday 26 June
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
10 June - 11 July
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"If I can’t see the edges of a quilt or blanket sometimes it can appear to me to be not that different from an abstract painting or landscape. In this series of works, I hone in on what I really love about textiles and apply it to paintings which could be read as a cropped in image of something woven or stitched, but if you get right in there, these paintings could also be understood purely as abstract shapes or landscapes.

Painting in layers remains my favourite way to create an image and I’m still starting with hardly any idea as to what will be the outcome. The painting always tells me what to do. My heart follows easily, my head argues a bit. I guess the results are agreements between the two.

Having come from a career in Textile Design, my work is heavily inspired by textiles and patterns of many variations. I'm driven by the need to create paintings because of my love of colour and pattern. I find the act of painting itself, deeply satisfying, meditative and therapeutic. As I go about making one of my works, I rarely know what the outcome will be. I prefer to go on an 'adventure' by building up layers of paint, reacting to shapes and marks made below. It's a somewhat hypnotic process of retain-delete-retain-delete until I find the end of the work."

Sarah Rowe is a Melbourne based artist and established textile designer. Throughout her career, Rowe has demonstrated a strong interest in the relationship between, design, space and expression. Through her exploration of the paint medium Rowe brings together abstract forms and contrasting colours in a painterly style, to produce dynamic works that portray softness and depth simultaneously.

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