Past Exhibition: Shane Drinkwater, Quietly Spoken

Exhibition Dates
19 March - 12 April
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Tasmanian born, Brisbane based artist Shane Drinkwater has exhibited widely within Australia and Internationally. Shane studied for 3 years at the University of Tasmania, School of Art in Hobart and one year at the National Art School in Sydney. He has lived in Queensland since 1994, after time spent in Paris: as recipient of the Alliance Française/Australia council fellowship he had access to studio space near the Bastille for 4 months in 1988. He stayed on another 6 years.

When talking about what painting means to him, Shane states:

“Painting is something I’ve always needed to do and I’m enjoying it more and more: it’s the joy of putting colour, shape and gesture on a surface. I’m interested in the making! I delve into the act of painting with a minimum repertoire of visual elements aiming for a maximum intensity. I work with a visual language of lines, dashes, dots to create works that read as mysterious coded systems. Some works read almost as topographical or astronomical maps, while others read as keys of symbols, arranged and categorised. Texture is also an important part of my work, particularly on paper. Ideas and images appear through the making of the work, language becomes unnecessary, I let the work speak for me.”

We are thrilled to welcome Shane back to Boom for this solo exhibition of quiet yet powerful works.

These works express my ongoing interest in repetitive mark making, I continue to explore favourite themes such as: astronomy, maps , codes…

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