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Exhibition: 'South West', group exhibition

Saturday 14 October
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
12 October - 05 November
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South West brings together three artists all working in diverse ways, Ben Fennessy, Mick Sowry & Graeme Altmann explore the characteristics of this unique Victorian region. 


“Really, the group exhibition titled South West is an opportunity to draw together three incredible men that I have met over my life. Each of them inspires me by the way they have chosen and been led to live their lives.

I first met Ben at the Gordon TAFE in 1987. He was my painting teacher during my T.O.P year and really influenced how I approached my own art making. Ben was a gentle, humorous, and passionate teacher and these traits have continued throughout his life. Based for many years in Breamlea, Rosebrook and now Killarney has given Ben the opportunity to live in locations that are also the subject of his drawing, printmaking, and his painting. The familiarity, closeness and love of his subject matter is evident throughout his work.

Graeme I came across at university in Warrnambool. He wouldn’t remember me from those times as he was a few years ahead of me completing his fine arts degree. He was a revered figure around the faculty and went on to have multiple solo exhibitions in some ofAustralia’s most prestigious galleries very early in his career.

Having my own gallery has given me the privilege and opportunity to get to know him. I am in awe of Graeme’s paintings; not because of their execution and excellence but because of their impact in conveying the mystery, drama and wonder of the south western region of the Victorian ocean, coastline and landscape.

Running a commercial gallery provides many opportunities to meet many exceptionally creative people. Mick Sowry is one of these special people. In recent years Mick has persevered, endured and lived through a very challenging period of his life. It is a privilege to speak with him and discuss life, meaning and purpose. He is thoughtful, mindful and considered and is always interested in the stories of  others. Apart from people, he is also a great lover of our landscape with a definite attraction to the ocean and in particular our Surfcoast and its continuation down south.

His work focuses on the collision or the meeting point of the liquid and the concrete, the temporal and the certain, the special place where the ocean and the land converge.

I am really pleased that we have drawn these three artists together and that we can now see how each interprets and responds to our powerful landscape. We look forward to sharing this exhibition with you all."


- Ren Inei - Director's statement

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