Past Exhibition: Tina Thorburn (Clay By Tina), A Leg Up: 100 Planters Project

Exhibition Dates
31 January - 24 February

Geelong local Tina Thorburn is the production potter behind 'Clay by Tina' and has been working full time as a ceramicist since early 2016. Tina took up wheel throwing as a hobby in 2014 at the Carlton Arts Centre, Melbourne. And despite years of study and a Bachelor of Biomedicine, a Masters in Journalism and another Masters in International Development, Tina is happiest in her studio, just north of Geelong. In an effort to continue to develop her practice Tina is going back to school to study a Diploma of Ceramics at Federation University in Ballarat in 2019.

The idea for this exhibition came to Tina years ago and she is delighted to be bringing it to life. Tina has always found planters to be her favourite form to make, not only because it will house a living plant, but also because the shape allows for the highest creativity. Keeping in line with her strong philanthropic values and a love of puns, this project is called ‘A Leg Up’ and 10% of all proceeds will go to Diversitat, an organisation that works with newly arrived refugees, asylum seekers and other disadvantaged community members in Geelong and Colac. All pieces in the exhibit are made from the same clay, a lovely sandy clay body that comes from her birthplace, California, USA. The local twist comes from the three pastel glazes that are inspired by her family’s hobby farm in Anakie. All pieces are made from the same amount of clay and the planter shape is uniform, leaving all the variety to the legs that support the planter. Additionally, a variety of glaze techniques are used in an effort to emphasis the legs. All pieces are hand thrown and then bisque fired to 1000 degrees C. Then each piece is glazed and fired to 1300 degrees C.

We are thrilled to be showing this new body of work from local ceramicist Tina Thorburn - 100 different handmade plant pots, each with unique legs will make for a dynamic install.

Tina's 100 pots are $150 each can be purchased by contacting the Gallery.

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