Exhibition: 'Untamed Expression', group exhibition

Saturday 03 February
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
25 January - 18 February
Sponsored by:

We are delighted to be hosting Untamed Expression in Big Boom to kick off our 2024 exhibition program, featuring 5 artists from the ArtGusto Studio - Caroline Mathieson, Jess Madden, Matt Robertson, Christian Den Besten & Robert Croft.

Each of the artists selected demonstrate a wonderfully unique approach to art making, resulting in a dynamic and joyful exhibition. 


ArtGusto is a working studio for disabled and neurodiverse artists, working in the visual arts.
They are based in the Geelong CBD and offer opportunities for artists to practice their art individually. The group studio setting is inclusive, supportive and will encourage artists to try new ways of working and develop a wider understanding of compromise. The day to day running of the studio is designed to build confidence, responsibility, and ownership for the artists, creating a workplace that fosters positive work practices.

Artists have access to qualified arts practitioners for one-to-one support. 
ArtGusto encourage artists to further their arts practice, develop and increase participation in the wider arts and culture community. Artists work toward achieving their creative goals by sharing in collaborative community and commercial projects, exhibiting, and selling their work and expanding their community and professional connections.

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