10 facts about Kasper Raglus & Matt Dettmer

1. Matt is a keen fisherman and spends many hours on piers and in boats searching for the ‘catch of the day’.
2. Kasper likes spending time driving his 1965 Valiant.
3. Matt recently moved to Berlin in search of the perfect schnitzel.
4. Kasper enjoys chasing surf around the Great Ocean Road where he lives.
5. Matt & Kasper share the same year of birth (1990).
6. As a child Kasper’s farther would drive him to old abandoned train stations to ogle at the past.
7. Matts farther recently purchased a ride on mower, now theres no going back to a regular mower.
8. Kasper has a re-accuring dream about finding the perfect wave but not being able to surf because of a broken board or no wetsuit.
9. When Matt isn’t painting in the studio he sells hammers.
10. Kasper’s favourite colour in pink.

Kasper and Matt’s exhibition Liquid Nights runs until May 7. To see a full listing click here.