Five facts about Ben Crawford

  1. I used to play bass guitar in a band called ‘Fruit Toot and The Shake-it-Loose’.
  2. Other than being an artist, some of the other ways I’ve earned a living have been as a cook, a window cleaner, a banana farmer, a gardener, a tiler, a labourer, and even a paper thrower…
  3. At art college, before concentrating on painting, I tried my hand at installations and video art, with a smattering of textiles and photography thrown into the mix.
  4. My first proper painting was a self portrait as a cowboy. I was probably about seven when I made it and it also featured bubble writing floating inside a lasso saying ‘Ben’s Room’.
  5. My favourite Beatles’ album is ‘The Beatles’ a.k.a ‘The White Album’
Ben is part of our current group exhibition Memory + Paint which continues at our Art Gallery in Geelong until August 12
View his work here