Five facts about Natalie Anderson

  1. I live in a very old, tiny farmhouse in the Barrabool hills which six months ago had subversive graffiti all over the internal walls, fungus growing in the kitchen floor and pine needles falling through the roof!
  2. My studio is in a 1970’s ‘sleep out’ addition on the back of the farmhouse which, thanks to new windows with glass in them, is now surprisingly snug.
  3. I am planning to create a peony farm on my little patch so that my house is over flowing with Peonies and I can give heaps away to anyone who visits.
  4. Im totally into all things Japanese right now and am hankering for a trip to Japan.
  5. I am a ridiculously untidy painter and nearly always leave the studio with oil paint on my face and in my hair.

Natalie’s solo exhibition Close to Homeruns 19 July – 12 August.

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