Abstracted Conversations - Upcoming event

Please join The Rogue Academy for a round-table conversation over coffee, to be held at Boom Gallery on Saturday 9th July, 10am – 12 noon.

Abstracted Conversations takes, as a starting point, the current abstract works of Emily Besser and Vanessa Oter, and uses the last day of their exhibition to ignite further discussions on the idea of abstraction in art, and life.
The conversation will be briefly be interrupted by Jem, an extraordinary food innovator from the Boom Gallery kitchen, who will bring a surprise food element. It will be based on the Futurists, a radical early twentieth century social movement made up of Italian artists and intellectuals, who had a penchant for food that evoked speed, violence and war.

You will receive some background reading as part of your participation, so no experience or knowledge in art is necessary. Please join us for a stimulating morning tea that will enliven your day and engage your brain.There are limited numbers so do book soon through Eventbrite here.

The Rogue Academy’s aim is to demystify some of the more complex ideas in contemporary art by brokering better relationships between art and its public.

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. More information is available on or on Instagram @therogueacademy1