Amanda Carson / A Salty tail - Kaleidoscopes of shallow & deep

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Flowing on from Amanda’s most recent exhibition Pleasant Twittering, is A Salty Tail; a colourful story of the southern sea’s marine life and coastal dwellers. This latest body of work has an undercurrent of Amanda’s love for the southern ocean, expressed through a medley of geometric creatures from land and sea, of the shallow and the deep. As a coastal dweller herself, Amanda and her family love everything to do with the ocean – the raw energy, constant rhythm and flow and extraordinary sea life that exists peacefully within it.

“A perfect day for me is to be on or beside the water, feeling the grains of sand between my toes and the salty breath of wind on my face or simply being submerged within the waves. Surfing, swimming or just being on the shore, I am captivated by the diversity and beauty of the surrounds.”

Inspired by the colours and splendor of the fish brought home for dinner by her keen fisherman husband, Amanda is constantly grateful for what the ocean can provide. “I love that the seafood we eat has a sustainable aspect; it’s our family on a boat taking from the sea only what we can eat, never more, nothing over fished or wasted. We must care for this environment. It deserves our respect and protection so that is has the chance to be as breathtaking in the future, as it is now.”

Amanda’s background in graphic design enables her to see the life-forms as facets of colour and pattern. The accentuated hues are vivid and dramatic, expressing each creature’s distinct characteristics in a creative way with intricate geometric shapes and a bold colour palette.

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A Salty Tail / 16 July – 8 August

Opening Friday 17 July 5:30 – 8pm