Amanda Carson / Pleasant Twittering / May 30 - June 14

Pleasant Twittering was inspired by Amanda’s travels in WA and from her own backyard in Jan Juc. These delicate watercolour paintings, undertaken with a contemporary approach, using blocks of colour and repetition of patterns to detail a beautiful selection of “feathered friends”. These paintings draw upon Amanda’s background in graphic design, and her enduring love of geometric shapes and a bold colour palette.

‘You get such vibrant colours in nature … birds come in every colour imaginable, which I think is incredible. Nature does an amazing job, but I like to take it even further, to find hues and colours that others don’t see. These paintings represent all the colours that make up a bird – yet in blocks of colour, so everything gets broken down into a shade on its own.’

Pleasant Twittering 29 May – 14 June / opening Friday 30 May 5:30 – 8 pm