Amy Wright / Roadtrip

Wright’s Roadtrip series narrates as she says: “countless hours on the road with a sleeping newborn in the back.” As well as the “vast panorama of the rural landscape and the hyper speed of the roadside as it races by” Wright says that she was inspired by the roadside stop, a space that she says is “rarely noticed and commonly discarded. In what others would regard as a wasteland, I see mini-scapes of abounding textures, colours; blurring and muddied, and patterns repeated. I try to capture the beauty in the dogged weed, the crushed leaf litter and thoughtlessly tossed rubbish.”

Wright sees this work as “injecting beauty into the banal”.

She uses layers of water based paints, spray paints, oil paints, marker and pencil to create tactile and textured surfaces. Using techniques reminiscent of collage, landscapes are represented through rich colour, texture and rhythmic abstract patterning.

Wright has a diverse background in Painting and Drawing, Surface Pattern Design and Floral Artistry. She has formal training in Fine Arts (VCA) and Textile Design (RMIT).

Roadtripruns 17 May – 10 June.

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