Andrew Pye / New Tree Scenes

“In New Tree Scenes I approach the Australian bush at face value and from inside it. My studies ‘en plen air’ are ten fold since my last exhibition. To this end, many new elements of the bush have revealed themselves to me and I have tried to include them in these new scenes. First and foremost the life, sound and movement of the ‘solitary’ landscape. Being in it, I have witnessed bark exploding off trees after the rains to reveal fluorescent pink trunks, belting heat and bitter cold, all varieties of limb arrangements and floor scenes, and all matter of Australian wildlife. The works show the living bushland. Dead trees have life exploding from them, living trees shed dead limbs. Each work is composed to reveal itself to the viewer over decades.
The life of the bush and these works made in it will go on irrespective of the modern world and the digital age”

“I take great inspiration from Danila Vassilieff in my approach to painting and living life as an artist. His simple living equated to what seems a natural ability for to be able to choose a scene of the Australian condition and capture it. This ethos has served me very well indeed in the digital age where distraction to the character, or life of a scene before me, could be easily missed had I not surrounded myself in the landscape and renounced distraction. His technicalities of brushstroke and blocking of the scenes inform my decision on where to sit, or what element of the day’s study to paint. In my opinion a most under appreciated figure of our country’s art history, it is through his Russian eyes that I attempt to see the Australian bush. He was an outsider who managed to look at us so poignantly. If the viewer sees the well-known Australian Greats when they consider my work, it is because both I and they were informed by the same modern expressionist father figure.”

Originally a Geelong local, Andrew Pye now resides in North East Victoria, painting and sculpting daily across various bush studios. We are very excited to welcome Andrew’s latest body of work for his second solo exhibition at Boom.

New Tree Scenes runs 22 February – 18 March. To see a full exhibition listing click here.