Anna Reynolds / Fabric of the Domestic

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The work by Anna Reynolds crosses medium and material fusing painting, printing, textile, collage, montage and bricolage into 2 dimensional textural landscape and seascape intended for wall hanging. Acknowledging the pixel in painting, printmaking, sewing, stitching, travelling and photography, the work binds, consumes and advocates digital engagement while simultaneously questioning it. It aims to render conversation between the computer and more established forms of art making by locating it in dreamlike terrains. Technology becomes the tether and the surface, a tactile interface sparking transmission between the two. Collaging the digital economy to material and message Reynolds creates dense flora like montages layered between warning and homage. In the past Reynolds explored visual tension between destruction and development found on Darwin’s waterfront, a mangrove frontier where human and nature collide. Having now returned to the southwest of Victoria this exhibition showcases old and new work, both large and small works on paper, canvas and cloth to a new audience.

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Fabric of the Domestic / 16 April – 09 May