Art Unlimited / Not by Design / 19 June - 12 July


Boom Gallery has the privilege of presenting the work of five exceptional artists from the Art Unlimited Studio.

The Art Unlimited Studio is a professional access studio for artists with a disability and is situated in the old Geelong Gaol. The vitality and richness of their work is a result of the unique way each artist interprets their world.

Exhibition 19 June – 12 July (opening Friday 20 June 5:30 – 8 pm)





Adrian draws upon his private world in producing images that captivate the viewer, while inviting us to explore and enjoy his world. Patterning and his emotive use of colour produce a vibrancy that gives life to Adrian’s beautiful works.

Adrian’s preferred medium is archive quality felt tip pen on paper. At the moment he has work in Renegades and Free Spirits,a large travelling show travelling down the East coast of Australia over the next 2 years and possibly Europe after that.

Old Geelong Gaol

Barwon Terrace Mill

City of Greater Geelong


Christian is an artist who moves freely between 2D works, sculpture and New Media. Christian often works with an accumulation of small components in creating his idiosyncratic pieces. As a keen observer of popular culture, Christian explores his immediate visual world of film, people, architecture, vehicles and water craft.

Belmont Village Meats

Coles Belmont

Specsavers Kmart Centre Belmont


A preoccupation with local architecture has manifest in David’s careful and extensive visual exploration of Geelong’s industrial and urban landscapes. David works without direct reference to the buildings but creates not only a work of accuracy but one that transforms the vista to that of a new and enchanting reality. When an architectural feature has become a chosen subject, he may subsequently develop a theme into a series of works. David is a dedicated artist frequently carrying a graphic journal with him where and whenever possible.

Reminds me of a Cat

Door Handle & Padlock



The muted quality of pastel, Julie Henrys’ favoured medium, well suites her transporting of every day subjects into beautiful images. They invite the viewer to ponder their meaning. Julie has a wonderful sense of design and her use of colour creates new worlds from old images. Julie often uses catalogues and art journals as her reference for her works.

Caterpillar Thursday

Christmas Day

Easter Eggs


Susan Stripling has been working at the Art Unlimited studio for over 15 years. She has developed a strong and unique style that explores the many aspects of pattern and colour played off against each other. Susan has a whimsical personality and delights in capturing friends, colleagues and everyday objects (usually from her immediate environment). These are integrated within her alluring compositions.