Artist in Residency Studio


Boom Gallery has a plethora of exciting and dynamic spaces to explore, many of which provide opportunities to engage with our ever-growing community of artists. Included in this is our Artist in Residency Studio, an allocated space for artists to work and broaden their practice.


Harry McEvoy at work / 2019


The purpose of our Artist in Residency space is to provide time and make space for artists away from their usual working environment and constraints. Located in Big Boom, the Artist in Residency space offers a peek into the practice of an artist for a period of time to showcase their creative process and work. This is an opportunity that one wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience, as the residency time provides a time of reflection, research, presentation, and production for each artist.


Alichia Van Rhijn / 2020


We are very excited to observe artist Alichia van Rhijn, as she currently occupies the Artist in Residency space in Big Boom.

“Alichia van Rhijn is a South-African born Australian artist and a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney. With a background in architecture and design she has a passion for creating sculptural and installation-based objects and forms that examine memory, trace, experience and loss. Her installations catalogue her experience of displacement through the materials, the oddly comforting forms and the textures of both worked ceramic, metal and wood.
Memory and experience of place and ‘space’ are key elements in van Rhijn’s installations. Unconscious rediscovery of place is explored and distilled into minimalist gestures and forms. Her method of ‘making as thinking’ paired with an experimental approach to process and technology underpins the creation of objects that float between the real and a child-like whimsical world that elicits an urge to interact and play.”


see some of Alichia’s work here


Upcoming Artists in Residency include…

Isobel Rayson, Hailey Manifold, James Price, Ben Fennessy & Harry McEvoy

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