Beci Orpin & Carla McRae / Out of Bounds

The child explores their world with abandon. Making games of getting from one place to another, studying the curiosity of simple, everyday things, endlessly inspired by the excitement of each day. Once we grow up, it’s a place that becomes off limits and out of bounds. Playing and spending time without purpose, losing track of the hours and self-consciousness and clearing space in our minds for newness. What if our play spaces were never abandoned, they just shifted forms. Instead now cultivated in a way of seeing that taps into the simple, child-like enjoyment and excitement of shape, colour and form.

The eye guides the hand in the playground in the mind; crawling through tunnels and wormholes, running into new ideas and feeling their slippery-slide exhilaration, ladders leading to growth, stacking and building new environments of shape, colour and exciting forms to dive deeply into and be immersed in for hours. Drawing all day is playing all day. What shape is play? The hand moves and the world drops away, revealing a new space where there are no bounds and the only container is a way of seeing.

Themes of play in the mind and through the body will be explored collaboratively through new works by both Beci and Carla McRae. A series of paintings, wood cuts, and an abstract playground installation, as well as magnetic wall full of shapes with which viewers can create their own playscape.

Out Of Boundsruns 14 June – 15 July.

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