Ben Fennessy / Impressions of Deen Maar


Another day another volcano.

Since moving further west, Ben has become fascinated by the ancient volcanos that surround this region of Victoria. A boat trip, one calm morning, out to the awe-insipring island volcano, Deen Maar (aka Lady Julia Percy Island) inspired him to shift his painterly gaze from the land to the sea. These ten paintings are the result of that journey.

Ben draws upon the influence of artists such as John Constable Thomas Gainsbrough, William Turner and Fred Williams in his use of light. At the root of his work is the English tradition of landscape painting, the pastoral and romantic landscapes, however, the intense contrasts of colour in Fennessy’s paintings evoke the drama inherent in the Australian environment: fire, flood and ocean gales.

P1020124 P1020126

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