Ben Fennessy, Tower Hill

“For this exhibition of paintings and prints, I have focused on 360-degree views from the top of the crater of this dormant volcano, which is located on the lands of the Eastern Maar people. The vastness and beauty of Tower Hill is fascinating. It is such an awe-inspiring, ancient environment that changes constantly, depending on where you view it from and the weather conditions. The ever-changing influences of mist, light, wind and rain are dramatic and impact the landscape and the viewer’s psyche. Sublime visions can be had, as micro-systems of sunshine and squall flow through and over the caldera, rendering each aspect of the panorama differently. It conjures the mystique and heals the spirit.”

Ben Fennessy is a painter and printmaker. He studied painting and drawing at the National Gallery School in the 1960s and Victorian College of the Arts in the 1980s.

Ben has been a practising artist for over half a century, has exhibited widely and was a tertiary arts educator in Geelong for many years.

Landscape is the primary inspiration for his artwork, in particular the environment of the wild South West Coast and the volcanic plains, especially his current fascination, Tower Hill.

Tower Hill runs until October 4. To see a full listing click here.

images by Carli Wilson Photography.