Beth Gibbeson, Painting My Heart Out

Beth Gibbeson is an abstract artist based in Melbourne. Her work explores landscape, past and present focusing on bold rich colours, form and shape to represent her visual and emotional interpretation of what she experiences. The past 12 months and living in lockdown with her four children and husband has had a profound shift on Beth’s process of her work.“It wasn’t the isolation that affected me, because as an artist this is something that is just part of my world. It was more the chaos of my immediate surroundings, especially at home, that didn’t allow me to disappear so freely and go into my loved world of isolation.”Beth’s days were filled with her schooling her youngest children. In the moments that Beth spent in her studio, she unleashed herself and went into overdrive. Her colours became bolder and her assemblage of shapes, lines and forms evolved, becoming much more balanced and refined reflecting her emotional response to the uncertainty in her world and world around us. Beth’s inspiration came from deeper within, focusing strongly on the memory of all her landscapes that are part of her, treasures she had lost as a child, colours and past experiences.“I finally felt warm again in the madness of it all”Beth graduated from RMIT in Fine Arts Painting with a BA / Honours and has been exhibiting regularly in solo and group shows since 2012.

Painting My Heart Out runs until February 21st, to see the full listing click here.

install images by Carli Wilson Photography.